What to Wear for: A Bonfire.


I came up with the idea for this post from a question i saw on Yahoo Answers. A girl was wondering what she should wear to a casual bonfire with a bunch of friends. Bonfire’s are a typical summer activity and a great way to catch up with friends you haven’t seen since school let out. But what should you wear to one?

When you’re going to a bonfire its best to be casual, but you don’t want to look plain. Jeans a tee will suffice but adding accessories will help you stand out (in a good way). Wear a simple necklace like a heart or a peace sign or maybe some chunky beads. Or try wearing a flattering pair of skinny jeans. Not the super tight ones though, you want to be comfortable. Speaking of comfortable, don’t wear heels! You’ll be outside in the grass and the dirt. Don’t take the chance on ruining a cute pair of heels. Plus it’s likely you’ll fall. Just grab a pair of flip flops. Another thing you probably wont want to bring is your purse. All you’ll really need is your phone and a lip gloss which will fit easily in your pocket.

 Heres a few outfit ideas:

summer nights                                                            

Some other things to consider while you’re digging through your closet searching for the perfect outfit: the weather– should you wear jeans or crops? I’d stay away from shorts as most nights will be kinda chilly. And should you wear a sweatshirt or will your tee suffice? Make sure to check the forecast before you get dressed so you don’t end up shivering the entire night. the guest list-  is it just gonna be you and a few girlfriends or is there a chance of running into your crush? If you know the guy you’re crushing on will be there try swapping your plain tshirt for a baby doll tank or a beaded halter top to add a cute spin to your casual outfit. This way you’ll stand out a little bit, but not too much.

& don’t forget a hoodie


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  1. Thanks for the ideas!! ^_^ Going home for a bonfire at my boyfriend’s next weekend and wanted to plan ahead–haven’t seen him in a month since Im away at college. Gave me plenty of things to work with.

  2. Thankyou so much! I’m a 13 year old girl, and my friends 13th birthday is tonight. It’s gonna be a bonfire if it doesn’t rain, and I was stuck on what to wear. This helped a lot!

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